Other Board and Special Subgroups
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Board Certification Evaluation and Recommendations Task Force
Board of Directors-Finance and Personnel Subcommittee
  • This group meets to discuss the finance and personnel issues with NAACCR as an organization. The Finance/Personnel Subcommittee shall be a subcommittee of the NAACCR, Inc. Board of Directors. The purpose of the Subcommittee shall be twofold: (1) to review, monitor, and recommend policy for the organization that pertains to the management of the financial resources and the financial risks of the organization. These may include policies with respect to investments and uses of cash, and strategy for the fiscal stability of the organization; and (2) to give advice, recommend policy, and provide support to the NAACCR Board of Directors for any significant personnel issues related to the Executive Director. These may include topics such as compensation or other personnel matters of the organization. This Subcommittee will also respond to any requests from the Executive Director.
Bylaws Committee
  • The Bylaws Committee receives and reviews all proposed amendments to the Bylaws. The Committee is responsible for mailing proposed amendments to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to action being taken at the annual business meeting.
GICR Caribbean WG
High-Level Strategic Group
  • Ensure high-level coordination and communication among all cancer surveillance organizations regarding the development and implementation of major changes in standards and procedures.
Mid-Level Tactical Group
  • Coordinate and communicate among the cancer surveillance community the development and implementation of changes to standards and procedures as directed by the High-Level Strategic Group.
NAACCR Board and Chair Committee
Nominating Committee
  • The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members nominated and elected by the voting Membership at the annual business meeting. The President shall appoint the Chair from the three elected candidates. The President also shall appoint a Board of Directors liaison to the committee. No member of this committee may designate an alternate with voting powers to participate in any meeting for which the appointed member is absent. The Nominating Committee shall secure candidates for the office of President-Elect, Treasurer, and Representative-at-Large as appropriate, and shall prepare a ballot to be distributed to the membership. The committee shall receive the completed ballots, tally the votes, and present the results of the election to the membership at the annual business meeting. The Nominating Committee shall also secure candidates from the Sponsoring Member Organizations for the position of Sponsoring Member Organization Representative to the NAACCR Board of Directors, and prepares a ballot to be disseminated to the Sponsoring Member Organizations. The Nominating Committee shall receive the completed ballots, tally the votes, and present the results of the election to the Board of Directors.