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If you are an employee of a Registry or an Organization that is already a member of NAACCR, you will only complete the myNAACCR account. You do not need to apply for membership. Once your myNAACCR account is completed please have your Registry Director or Main Contact to NAACCR affiliate your myNAACCR account with your Registry or Organization through the Registry / Organization’s settings in their NAACCR membership portal.

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Descriptions for each interest are below.
Interests - Descriptions

  • Call for Data: Central registry staff involved/interested in the NAACCR Call for Data
  • Childhood Cancer: People involved/interested in Childhood Cancer data initiatives
  • EDITS: People involved with developing and implementing central registry edit metafiles
  • Geocoder/Geospatial Analysis: People using the NAACCR Geocoder and/or interested in geospatial analysis of cancer data
  • Professional Development: People involved/interested, or participating in NAACCR training activities
  • Registry Operations: Central registry staff who develop and implement registry operations
  • Research and Data Use: Researchers and analysts interested in the use and analysis of cancer surveillance data
  • Virtual Pooled Registry: People involved/interested in the Virtual Pooled Registry initiatives
  • XML Standard Forum: People interested in using the XML standard to transmit data

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