Recruiting and Retention Work Group
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  • This WG, led by Stephanie Hill of the New Jersey Cancer Registry, is charged with developing best practices and/or other tools to help registries with the overwhelming issue of recruiting new staff as well as retaining existing staff members in a central registry. This WG has created an outline of what is included in their Recruitment &Retention (R&R) Tool Kit and developed a number of "tools" such as sample posts for social media, examples of job descriptions and job listings. Other material in the pipeline for development is screening tips for interviews and Best Training Practices for teaching non-CTRs.

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Carrie Bateman
Stacy Barr
  • Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center
Mrs. Kashanna Hector-Lebby
Jeremy Laws
  • Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System
Angela Martin
  • North American Association of Central Cancer Registries
Keri Miller