CiNA Editorial Work Group
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  • The CiNA Editorial WG evaluates the data submitted for inclusion in the CINA products, selects the data for inclusion in the CiNA products, and determines how the data will be presented in the CiNA*Explorer. This WG also provides feedback back to the registry if any issues are identified in their data submission.   

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No subgroups are currently listed for this group. If you are the chair of a subgroup for this group and would like your group listed, please contact the NAACCR office at
Jeff Dowden
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Cancer Care Program
Rick Firth
  • Information Management Services, Inc.
Mr. Don Green
  • Information Management Services, Inc.
Brenda M. Hofer
  • California Cancer Registry
Dr. Mei-Chin Hsieh
  • Louisiana Tumor Registry
Christopher Johnson
  • Cancer Data Registry of Idaho
Amanda Kahl
  • State Health Registry of Iowa
Lihua Liu
  • Los Angeles Cancer Surveillance Program -USC
Dr. Bozena M Morawski
  • Cancer Data Registry of Idaho
Keisha Musonda
  • Texas Cancer Registry
Baozhen Qiao
  • New York State Cancer Registry
Ms. Devbani J Raha
  • Central Cancer Registries - Nova Scotia
Dr. Recinda L. Sherman
  • North American Association of Central Cancer Registries