Standardization And Registry Development Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Facilitate mission-critical role of NAACCR to prepare central registries to adapt rapidly and successfully to changing developments in cancer surveillance.
Meeting Minutes 
Cancer Informatics Advisory Group
CROS - Central Registry Operation Standards Task Force
CROS - Subgroup 2 Access to Source Data and completeness of Reporting
CROS - Subgroup 3 Data Quality Assurance
CROS - Subgroup 4 Data Analysis
CROS - Subgroup 5 Data Management
CROS - Subgroup 6 Security and Confidentiality
Edits Work Group
  • The EDITS Workgroup provides a formal mechanism to review and make additions/changes to edits and the NAACCR EDITS metafile.
ICD-O-3 Implementation Task Force
  • The International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) approved additions, changes, and revisions to the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology, Third Edition (ICD-O-3) on September 1, 2011. The purpose of the ICD-O-3 Implementation workgroup is to define steps for implementation of the ICD-O-3 revisions, including an implementation date, and create an implementation guide.
Implementation Guidelines Task Force
  • The Implementation Guidelines TF develops guidelines to implement additions/changes to Standards Volume II and registry operations.
Interstate Case Ownership Task Force
Minimum Data Set Task Force
Pathology Reporting Work Group
  • The Pathology Reporting WG is developing additional guidance in Standards Volume V to address reporting of original pathology report information with biomarker and molecular laboratory test data.

Pediatric Site-Specific Data Item WG
  • The Pediatric Site-Specific Data Item Work Group (Ped SSDI WG) oversees the development and maintenance of cancer registry pediatric data items recommended or required for collection for one or more cancer sites/histologies/schemas.

Site Specific Data Item Work Group
  • The SSDI TF will review options for a data structure to accommodate existing prognostic factors and biomarkers as well as plan for proposed future data items and evaluate/modify the existing SSF content.
Surgery Code Crosswalk Task Force
Uniform Data Standards Work Group
  • The Uniform Data Standards Work Group provides a formal mechanism to review and recommend proposed changes in data codes and/or the addition of new items submitted by NAACCR members to ensure that data remain comparable among central registries and other standard setters. Further, the WG provides a formal mechanism for reviewing and recommending edits of NAACCR-approved data items.
XML Data Exchange Work Group
  • The XML Data Exchange TF provides documentation, tools, and training to enable the NAACCR community to transition from the fixed-width data exchange standard to the NAACCR XML data exchange standard.
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Ms. Heather Stabinsky
NAACCR Primary Staff Support
Lori A. Havener
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